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Manage inventory

Create variable bundle types

Monitors your cart


  • The bundle app's main purpose is to create combos with tempting discounts and to keep you aware of the information about your stocks present in your inventory.
  • There are basically two types of bundles that you can create using our app
  • As multiple products: Once the combo is added to the cart then the products present in this specific combo will appear as individual products in it.
  • As a single product: The combo will remain as a single product even after it is being added to the cart.

Use cases of bundle

Security monitor

  • This function monitors your combo while it is present in the user's cart. This function prevents your combo from being messed up by users. Users frequently try to add and remove a product from the combo but our app does not let the user complete that action. If any user still tries to do so, your combo is automatically deleted from the cart.

Unlimited bundle products

  • Add as many products you wish to add to your combos without any restriction with our app and create an eye-catching combo.

Product type

  • It doesn't matter what kind of e-commerce store you run, the bundle app is built in such a way that it can use by everyone. One can create combos using it with all kinds of products whether you want to create a combo using garment products or food items and beverages, it works for everyone without any interruption.

Discount types

  • Use different kinds of discounts to lure your customers to buy your combos. Increase the number of your average orders of combos and sales using this function and sell your combos at a faster rate.

High priority support

  • There's no need to worry if you are facing any issues while using our app. We are available to you 24/7 to help you out by giving solutions to each problem.
  • Build optimizable combos with our bundle app and sell your products that are blocking the space in your inventory by not selling for a long time and keep a track of your inventory with us.


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