How to create BUY1GETX offer on Shopify?

Requirements: Your store must have installed “Bundlediz app“, from Shopify. Steps: Create a new “Multiple” Bundle product 2. in my case i want to add 1 of “Bio-Wrap Rote Bete” when 1 x is added to cart (Buy1Get1),so i... Continue reading
BundleDiz Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to add Fees to Product Bundles individually in Shopify

This was one of the most required feature of the app, and now its finally here. The first step is to create a bundle itself, I have created a Multiple type bundle by BundleDiz -Combos & inventory app ,... Continue reading

Installation Manual for Bundlediz

Chances are app not working or you missed certain step , no worries here is the manual. Continue reading

Why discount is not adding to the checkout?

This usually happens when another discount is added by default with an automatic process, let’s say a discount is auto added on customer first purchase. Here is how it looks like: This can be solved by following two ways:... Continue reading

Set up a custom price for your bundle

Whether it is a single or multiple products combos. You can set a custom price for anyone. Start selling your combos at your favorite price without any restrictions by following a few simple steps: Select the type of combo... Continue reading

How the inventory works

We prefer to create multiple bundles for tracking the number of stocks left in your inventory. As one creates a multiple bundle the products added in that specific bundle appear individually in the customer’s cart. While this thing happens... Continue reading

Bundle creation

Step 1 Go to Shopify. Click on the apps and select Bundle diz. Step 2 Select the type of bundle that you wanna create. There are two types of combos that we currently provide: As a multiple products As... Continue reading