Creating Optional Fee:

  1. Enter the price and Fee title
  2. Select mode to auto

Great, once you have created this,its time to make it work now.

Enable the App on store

this is really an important setup , i have head many times that all installation is done still it not working, so champ, the app should be turned on , here it the steps:

  1. Go to Shopify store admin & click on Online store
  2. In theme page, click on customize
  3. Go to Theme setting at bottom,then go to App embeds as shown below
  4. Make sure the pfand app is turned active

Manual Fees are also termed as optional fees,since these fees are enabled only when user want to opt in for the product, these can be like :

  1. Insurance fees
  2. Gift warp for products

It can be anything, which you don't want to force the user to apply automatically in the cart.

Hence is added when checkbox is checked .

Important : These guide needs developer help, you can contact me for FREE setup ;) or send this guide to your developer, or best you can try it yourself :)

Installation on store

  1. Search for the cart liquid file location where you want to checkbox to appear.

It can be any of the following :

  • main-cart-footer.liquid - To show at bottom of cart
  • main-cart-items.liquid - To show per product cart item

In our case, since I want to display at footer, i'm going with main-cart-footer.liquid

2. Get the fee handle

Go to Manage fees in app and look in to fee name.

in our case i am adding giftwarp fee when a user clicks the checkbox, my handle is gift-warp,copy yours .

3. Add the code in cart footer block add the code & set the id with pfand_ as prefix,You can enter any text.

Replace the bold ones.

<label><input type="checkbox" id="pfand_your-fee-name"/> Write some custom text </label>

Paste the code to desired location, if you're adding in footer ,add like below . The code might be different, but look for similar blocks.

The Checkbox Should be ready! Just click on it , the app will add the fee you just created & vice versa.

Tip : This also works Percentage fees. Demo:

Watch video

See the client demo if interested.


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