Why my Shop reloads ?

When a product is added to cart, the app calculated the % fee of the total cart during that time,Also, the app has responsibility to add the fee as soon as possible, while we add the fee ,it's not visible in UI. 1. To make sure its Visible to UI & and 2. Since the user keeps on changing the cart, we have to do this step every time. to make sure things are accurate and reduce your abandon cart.Hence, we reload the cart until 

This is a known thing to us. But once both 1 & 2 is satisfied , it will not reload any more.

App Not working after installation ?

There are few cases while fees are not working even after the installation has been done one from one of your developer team or your end,
**Installation hasn't been done properly

Note : if you need FREE installation request, you can mail us here : info@flydiz.com , it will be done within 24 hours,

If you like to DIY , you can have all the installation instruction here :
Installation Manual

Fees are not adding to some Product variants ?

One of the major reason for this is Products variants updated

Whenever you update any product / create a variant of the product, what happens is the Variant ID changes,So the variant id which you created on fee creation differs from the one on creation . So we have to map and sync them up, 
1. Go to your fee and click on edit Products.

2. Re-add the product which you recently updated - by click "REMOVE" & then "ADD" again

This gives the pfand new varaint id of the update app

3. Click Update.

Other Issues can be :

  • Change in theme
  • Conflict due to installation of new app ,

Fees are taking time to load ?

The Reason for this is generally due to site speed, generally Shopify first loads the your site theme and thene paralley the apps get chance to load after it,

You can follow the below guide to improve site performance

Improving your online store speed


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