We prefer to create multiple bundles for tracking the number of stocks left in your inventory.

As one creates a multiple bundle the products added in that specific bundle appear individually in the customer's cart. While this thing happens our technology tracks down and updates you about the number of stocks left of a particular product.

Our system also alerts you when a product is out of stock. While this thing happens the combo becomes out of stock if any one of its products is no longer available or out of stock.

Here is an example to show how it works:

When a bundle consists of

  • 1 bedsheet (3 pcs left)
  • 1 pair of cushion covers (Variant A: 8 pcs Variant B: 12pcs)
  • 1 pair of pillows (Variant A: 10 pcs Variant B: 6 pcs)

Then the bundle is still in stock. Our system just keeps on deducting the amount of stock of each product on every purchase made by your customers.

Here is another example of a multiple products bundle to learn about it in a better way. Let us add a fake level of inventory and this is what your bundle will look like:

  • 1 bedsheet (0 pcs left)
  • 1 pair of cushion covers (Variant A: 7 pcs Variant B: 11pcs)
  • 1 pair of pillows (Variant A: 9 pcs Variant B: 5 pcs)

As mentioned earlier if any of the product present in the combo is no longer available then the combo itself becomes out of stock.

However, it becomes difficult to track down the stocks present in the inventory while creating a single product combo in Shopify as all the products appear as one single product in the customer's cart.

Therefore we prefer to create multiple products combo if you need every single detail about your inventory and everything related to it.

Click here to learn about how to create a multiple products combo.


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