Step 1

  • Go to Shopify.
  • Click on the apps and select Bundle diz.

Step 2

  • Select the type of bundle that you wanna create. There are two types of combos that we currently provide:
  1. As a multiple products
  2. As a single product

Let's learn to create multiple products bundle for now.

Step 3

  • Enter the name of the combo and its description.
  • Select the products that you need to add while creating a combo.

  • Select the type of discount you want to apply and compare the original and discounted prices.
  • And you are all done!

Step 4

  • Go to manage deals for previewing all the previously created combos.
  • From here you can view your previously created bundles by clicking on view on Shopify button or your simply delete your bundles by just clicking on delete button.


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