The below guide demonstrates how to create rounding in POS

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Watch the below video to summarize steps in few minutes

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Creating RoundUps.

  • Step 1: Enable RoundHoop POS Extension in POS
  • Step 2: Click on RoundHoop Manage Tile, Click on Create Button .
  • Step 3: Enter the Fields.
    • Title: This is will Tile title, -1 click launcher for adding/ removing roundups from cart
    • round: Enter the value in decimal, This is the value/ cents to round off to nearest , Possbile value : 0.5 , 1.00,0.05 etc.
    • Target:
      • Grand Total - recommended option : Total item price + Incl tax.
      • Subtotal - Total item price, excl. taxes.
      • Hit Save at Top right.

Updating/Removing existing RoundUps.

  • Step 1: Go to app, Click on created roundup.
  • Step 2: From the list, select the roundup.
  • Step 3: Modify the fields.
  • Step 4: Hit save at top Right.
  • Step 5: To delete the roundup, hit Delete.

Please Note:

  • The Default tile namely (Manage roundups) is for managing roundups created.
  • The Other tiles you see are ceated once the roundups are active automatically.


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