Converting customers to your next big job opening.

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Converting customers to your next big job opening.

Job portal lets you to gain that extra way to hire people from your shopify store who may / may not be your customer & choose the best applications for your job right from your store

Here are the key features:

  1. Create career page on your shop and publish to shop menu.
  2. Ask different questions to your customer/job applicants.
  3. Download resume.
  4. Short list candidates.
  5. Mail candidates on click
  6. Export the list to CSV format so you can use it later.

Whenever there is a new job listing posted,The app will fetch and show the job posted right on your career page within seconds.
You can images,text,heading to your job listing posted and ask custom question to you applicants,once posted the job will be displayed with status open/closed

You can toggle the status of a job right from app menu ,once you think the job listing is completed. To manage, you can shortlist and mail the candidates and view their application forms with their resume and cover letter with their response right in your app admin page.


Career page builder

  • You can fully customize the app colour to suit your theme. Add Images,Heading,text to your job listing

Ask Custom questions

  • Every job has different job requirement to shortlis candidates You can ask different questions from your applicants during submission.

Short List candidates

  • You can shortlist candidates and mark the once you think are the right ones,Mail to let them know their job status & Download Resumes


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