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Keep your user updated

Changelog helps me to communicate well with my users keeping them aware of the relevant site updates and alerts about the upcoming new features with its delightful banners, side-bar, and popup notifications.
James Willem
New York

Create awareness among users with changelog

Don’t let your hard work behind those new exciting features and updates go in vain.

Announce your updates with banners.

Let your audience know that you are actively improving by making announcements with such delightful banners.

Directly fetches your blog articles into the sidebar the moment they are published.

Install Change Log to your site via YTSUBME or Shopify.



Popup model

Why wait for your users to click on the sidebar button for learning about new updates while popup model notifications are in action. This model pops up as soon as the user logs in to your site.

Special Features

Announce via e-mail
Announce your latest updates via e-mail to your potential customers who are actually interested in your product.
Unread badges
These animated unseen badges make it easier for the users to understand whenever you make an announcement.
Hosted landing page
Learn about your most loved products, updates, and features by letting users upvote your notifications on a hosted landing page.
Hard-pressed editor
Craft updates as per your desires with our competent editor, through which you can build tables, checklists, warnings, quotes, codes, and a lot more.