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How to write good job description with Images

Table of Contents

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If you have noticed, we have created job portal page ,but when posting a job , the job details are need and must connect with the candidate mind. But with a beautiful editor,now the question may arise what should you write in job description?

Here are the list of items we suggest to share:

  1. About the Job—Give a 2- liner about the job and how it will be ?
  2. Requirements—Enter the Requirements for the job needed for ,just a tip share it in a list format
  3. We offer—Anything like perks or what a candidate can expect after he joins up .
  4. Skills required -Again this can be a list items , enter the list which are required for the job to apply
  5. Enter Few images this pops up theJob posting a alot try it once 😉

How to insert image in job description section?

Right click on any image and click on “Copy image” or “Copy image address

Go to Editor and paste the image