Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to Hide Fee to appear as Product in cart page.

These one was most requested customization but thought to share the guide with you , Warning: If the app does not work / keeps on reloading the site after the below change ,just revert it back, Mostly it should... Continue reading
Feedback Kitty

How to use Feedback Kitty

1: Submitting feedback. (Shop-side) Go to your store Click on feedback on left sidebar, Select issue,and enter any text and submit feedback. 2: Managing feedback (App-side) Login with customer account on App-side. Login with Customer test account given. Select... Continue reading
Feedback Kitty

Installation Manual—Feedback Kitty

1. Getting Project ID Click on Feedback Kitty app from apps section of shopify. If you are first time user, you will be welcomed with intro page,click on Launch button. Or skip the step. Go to installation ⇾ Copy... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to create Surcharge Fees in shopify?

There are times when you want to set minimum order value or when the product qty stock is low, Well, You can create fees like surcharge based on any of the following conditions using the app Pfand – Deposit... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to create Pfand deposit fees in Shopify

There are two ways to create Germany Pfand deposit fee in Shopify. One can create any type of fees like Download the App from Shopify : Pfand – Deposit & Cart Fee As a multiple fee, in which the... Continue reading

Bundle creation

Step 1 Go to Shopify. Click on the apps and select Bundle diz. Step 2 Select the type of bundle that you wanna create. There are two types of combos that we currently provide: As a multiple products As... Continue reading