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Session Backtrap

Watch and analyze your user’s journey

Rewind session recordings empower you to watch and analyze your customer’s journey. Our developer’s team doesn’t talk to any of our customers. They directly go for rewind session recordings to understand, at which point our users are facing issues and confusion by tracking their every movement and watching their reactions and ultimately we make significant changes depending on it.
James Willem
New York

Learn why your customers don't make a successfull conversion

Track every significant move of your customers.

Keep an eye on what a customer exactly does while browsing through your site and analyze the behavioral pattern of your customers including their next step.

One can install this app from YTSUBME or Shopify

Discover unknown bugs and errors

Find out about bugs and errors on the payment page, buttons with incorrect URLs, and broken images.

Track significant events

This information supports you to filter out the customers from different aspects and gets you to learn deeper about your own site and users.

Track customer information

Helps you track browser version, location, date of recording, and the source customer arrived at your site.

Track keystrokes
Learn about your most searched and trending products by seeing what customers are always searching for.
Track mouse movements
Track mouse taps, clicks and mouse movements and learn about the elements your customers interact the most with on your site.
Apply filters to your session recordings to learn about the traffic sources, potential and most engaged customers.