How Does Deposit Fee Fixes the issue of Returning the fees in Shopify

What we found out recently many of our customers recently wanted a way to return the Deposit FEE / Bottles when they arrive back for the next purchase, knowing this problem we thought to work on this really!!

Steps to get started:

  • Go to Manage Fees at top right.
  • Click on Fees tab.

Choose your location

First click on the FETCH button to fetch all the locations from your store.

  • Select Location from where the Order containing Fee was processed.

Select Order

Then click on the FETCH button to fetch all the Order from your selected location.

  • Select Order of the Customer from which Fee has to be refunded.

select fee to return from customer

You can select the amount of fee to refund the customer and also use the delete button to select which fee to only remove.

Review Return

  • Confirm the Following Details
    • Notify Customer : This will update the customer on there mail that the Fee has been refunded back
    • Full refund Shipping : Will refund the whole Shipping cost

Once done click on FINISH button to refund the fees to customer, thats it 🚀 !!


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