Pfand - deposit fee & cart fee solves the problem to apply the fees inside product bundles in shopify

But There might be cases where you have a bundle

let's say 2 cases :

  1. 6 Bottle PACK contains 6 'X' bottle , All have fees on them

  1. 6 Bottle PACK / Bundle Contain bottle X,Y,Z, Only some ( X) of them have fees on them,others don't (Y,Z)

To solve the above, there is a good news, It's now easy,


Case 1 : 6 x Can bundle contains 6 cans, All have fees on them

  • Go to products, Add a product variant
  • Make sure to check the option to Size
  • In the optiona values , add in this format

(Number) * Product title

So in our case it should be 6 x can bundle, the below image is a sample you can refer,

  • Add variants with price , hit save.

Live working Demo

Watch the video

Case 2 : 6 x Can bundle, Only some of them have fees on them

For case 2 an article has been already return ,please refer to this article.


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