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Pfand – Deposit & Cart Fee

Solve Product Deposit Pfand & Cart fees made easy.

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Smart Monitor

Makes it mandatory to pay the fee. This is one of the most important options that is needed while creating the fees. Prevent your fees from being removed from the cart by your customers and stop making losses by making the fees mandatory for your product and cart.

Hide fees from the search results:

Stop losing customers by avoiding displaying the fees from the search results. Showing the fee amount from the search results itself creates a doubtful situation for your customers where they can’t make any impulsive decision for buying a product. This option will help you by avoiding such a situation.

Make the fee one-time:

One can either make the fee one-time or one can also make the fee amount keep increasing along with its product quantity.


Create fees by targeting your different types of customers such as potential, premium, and engaged customers using this feature along with the locations.

Make the fees taxable or tax-free with us.

Set up multiple fees per product