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How To Create Percentage based Product / Cart fees on Shopify

Table of Contents

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Do you recently thought to create a fee like 4.5% of processing fee ?

Recently one of my clients asked me to add this feature and i gaved him a promised date of 16 may but as of writing its already 24 May, but finally feature is live.

Before we start,Here are some takeaways :

  1. Create a cart based percentage fee for your store
  2. Show the fees displayed at the bottom of your cart. Read more


  1. Pfand Deposit Fee should be installed.
  2. A Fee of Type “One time” to be created.


  • First we will create a One time fee,Go to app and select As one fee
  • In the fee price set the percentage value the fee will be of total cart price ,below sample shows, if its 10% of total cart price.
  • You can check the required checkboxes which you prefer, one a general rule, “make the fee one time” should be preferbly checked.
  • In the condiiton ,set the cart price up to how much price the fee will be added to cart,for instace, if you would like to remove the fee, if the cart subtotal reaches 200, so the the fee will be only applied when the cart subtotal is below 200
  • hit activate a top left corner to create fee


Display Fees about subtotal in cart page

Demo :

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