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feedback kitty

Listen to your users

Feedback kitty's way of collecting accurate ratings and managing reviews with custom categories has made it so much easier for us to engage with our users and solve their issues efficiently.
James Willem
New York

Become better with feedback kitty

Collect accurate feedback from your users.

Install feedback kitty via YTSUBME or Shopify

Manage customer feedback

Organize the reviews collected from your customers by creating, and customizing the categories with a handful variety of icons according to your needs.

Allow users to send screenshots

Feedback kitty allows users to send on-time screenshots with their reviews makes it much easier for them to report bugs accurately, while also helping you and your team to understand the issue in a better way.

Special Features

One-click Screenshots
Our feedback widget also provides a hosted landing page, where users can upvote opinions and engage better with each other.
User Identification
It’s difficult to manage everything by yourself. Our tool allows you to add team members so that you can manage and organize the feedback in a better way.
Vote & Threads
Allow upvotes & create threads by users for any on-going idea/issue