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FAQ : Why Fees are not adding

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There are few cases while fees are not working even after the installation has been done one from one of your developer team or your end,
Installation hasn’t been done properly
Note : if you need FREE installation request, you can mail us here : info@niteshkmr366 , it will be done within 24 hours,
If you like to DIY , you can have all the installation instruction here :
Installation Manual

Products variants updated ? :
Whenever you update any product / create a variant of the product, what happens is the Variant ID changes,So the variant id which you created on fee creation differs from the one on creation . So we have to map and sync them up, 
1. Go to your fee and click on edit Products
2. Re-add the product which you updated
3. Click Update.

Other Issues can be :
Change in theme
Conflict due to installation of new app ,
In such above case feel free to contact us again 🙂

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