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Bundle Diz

Create combos in order to increase average order values

With Bundle diz I was able to increase my average order values by 60 percent. Not only it helped me to gain my traffic sources through its awesome combos but also kept my inventory at sync even when I had a lot on the table.
James Willem
New York

Increase your averages orders with Bundle Diz

A bundle creator app that proposes best business opportunities for you by creating combos and offering them to clients at a discounted rate in order to increase average orders value.

Discount variants

Using different types of customers, you can lure more customers to buy your product. These discounts support you to increase your average orders, sales and stronger customers relationships.

Unlimited bundle products

Create combos with any kind of product and add products to a combo as many as you wish without any restrictions and interruptions.

Superb Features

Smart monitor
Our app doesn’t let your users mess up with your combos. Even if somebody tries to do so by deleting or adding a product in the cart our app automatically deletes the combo from the cart.
Auto-syncs inventory
Helps you to create combos instantly with it's breeze easy UI and keeps you updated regarding the information of your inventory.
Shopify 2.0 compatible
Our app is compatible with every Shopify theme available.


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