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Delivering growth to e-commerce business.

FlyDiz is a dedicated leading Shopify store that drives e-commerce platforms to grow in many different aspects.

Why FlyDiz

Change Log

An app that keep your users updated regarding new events, features, and other updates with its customizable side bar that perfectly fits to ever made platform, delightful banners, and popups that leave no chance to let your users know about the updates

Bundle Diz

Create some amazing business opportunities by creating tempting combos at a discounted price for your clients while keeping your inventory at sync, and increase your average order values.

Feedback Kitty

Always reconsider the opinions of your customers before make any huge update or changes in your site . Build good relationships by reaching out to your customers whenever they face any critical issues in your site.

Session Backtrack

Watch and analyze your customer's journey. Learn about how their experince was on the fly. This app is a big opportunity to find any big plotholes in your site while watching customer's sessions.