Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to display Fee items text in Cart below subtotal section in Shopify

This was one of the most requested feature now its live, Now you can show all the fees which are added to cart below the subtotal section. Important : These guide needs developer help, you can contact me for... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to Create Optional Fees in Shopify | Manual mode.

Creating Optional Fee: Enter the price and Fee title Select mode to auto Great, once you have created this,its time to make it work now. Enable the App on store this is really an important setup , i have... Continue reading

Ask Custom question to on application form

While creating job application form with a beautiful job description which we recently created it was fun, But we know not all the job shop owners need to resume, to sort the best candidates, that’s why we created custom... Continue reading

How to write good job description with Images

If you have noticed, we have created job portal page ,but when posting a job , the job details are need and must connect with the candidate mind. But with a beautiful editor,now the question may arise what should... Continue reading

Creating Career landing page on Shopify

Till now, once you have done installation as given in installation article,the next step is creating a beautiful career landing page. Go to your Theme customization and click on add app and select Job portal Once done, the job... Continue reading

Job portal installation

(A) Creating Job Template Go to Shop Admin → Online store→Customize. Use the dropdown menu on top to select, Click on Create template. Click on Add section and select Job portal app in app section & and hit save... Continue reading

How to update Theme extension apps in Shopify

Update the app The update step is same to the installation, just toggle the button off and turn it on, so it fetches new code. Whenever a new update is available, don’t worry, a mail will be sent to... Continue reading
Feedback Kitty

How to use Feedback Kitty

1: Submitting feedback. (Shop-side) Go to your store Click on feedback on left sidebar, Select issue,and enter any text and submit feedback. 2: Managing feedback (App-side) Login with customer account on App-side. Login with Customer test account given. Select... Continue reading
Feedback Kitty

Installation Manual—Feedback Kitty

1. Getting Project ID Click on Feedback Kitty app from apps section of shopify. If you are first time user, you will be welcomed with intro page,click on Launch button. Or skip the step. Go to installation ⇾ Copy... Continue reading

Installation Manual for Bundlediz

Chances are app not working or you missed certain step , no worries here is the manual. Continue reading