Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

FAQ : Why Fees are not adding

There are few cases while fees are not working even after the installation has been done one from one of your developer team or your end,Installation hasn’t been done properlyNote : if you need FREE installation request, you can... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

Add Deposit / Cart Fees to Shopify POS – Percentage fees

Its Finally here,You heard it right,Pfand fees was recently limited to only Shopify Online Store , now Pfand app works also with Shopify POS, Getting started is way easy now, Strong features of Pfand POS App: One Click to... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to Hide Fee to appear as Product in cart page.

These one was most requested customization but thought to share the guide with you , Warning: If the app does not work / keeps on reloading the site after the below change ,just revert it back, Mostly it should... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

Display Matching Fees on Product Pages

Requirement If you ever wanted to showcase the fee LABEL/BADGE on your product page? This will surely help in many ways and works intelligently. 1. Giving user’s consent before purchasing. 2. Complying with Legal Rules (EU GDPR) 3. Shows... Continue reading

How to create BUY1GETX offer on Shopify?

Requirements: Your store must have installed “Bundlediz app“, from Shopify. Steps: Create a new “Multiple” Bundle product 2. in my case i want to add 1 of “Bio-Wrap Rote Bete” when 1 x is added to cart (Buy1Get1),so i... Continue reading

Installation Instructions for Badgerfly Product Customizer

Great Now, once you have installed the app, it’s time to make it working now, if you are confused with the final result, it should look like this : Installation Steps: Upon installation, the app will auto create a... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How To Create Percentage based Product / Cart fees on Shopify

Do you recently thought to create a fee like 4.5% of processing fee ? Recently one of my clients asked me to add this feature and i gaved him a promised date of 16 may but as of writing... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to add fees to products inside bundle Product on Shopify ?

I recently notice the app was working great for single products using Pfand – deposit fee & cart fee app which had fees included to them in multiple type fees. But There might be cases where you have a... Continue reading
BundleDiz Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to add Fees to Product Bundles individually in Shopify

This was one of the most required feature of the app, and now its finally here. The first step is to create a bundle itself, I have created a Multiple type bundle by BundleDiz -Combos & inventory app ,... Continue reading
Pfand - Deposit & Cart Fee

How to hide Fees from Collection & Home page?

We are glad that everthing till now works good,but there must be a time when you might see the app in product / collection page which might be really very disturbing, So in this tutorial , let me share... Continue reading